Law of sustainability

Video: The law of sustainability
What are systems? - Key term of the law of sustainability
What is sustainability? - Key term of the law of sustainability
What is resilience? - Key term of the law of sustainability
What is efficiency? - Key term of the law of sustainability

Examples - Law of sustainability

Towards more mixed woodland
Towards dual monetary systems
Coping with Corona/Covid

Out of balance
Media - covering the law of sustainability

Examples - More personal information

Towards more personal ownership of information
Out of balance


Dear Reader: Bernard Lietaer: Call to readers "Make our world sustainable"
Aristotle to Tao: Foundation of making our world sustainable: Recognize the law of sustainability
Matrifocal/Patrifocal balance: Improve sustainability of human culture: Balance matrifocal and patrifocal values
Personal ownership of information: Make our human information system sustainable: Give back personal ownership of information
Books mentioned: Books referred to in the text
Authors: Co-authors of "Towards a sustainable world"
Endorsements:  by foremost world leaders
Epilogue: Two important endorsements
Table of content: Book chapters of "Towards a sustainable world"

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