References for each of the three paradigms mentioned:

Paradigm shift 2:  Towards a better patrifocal -  matrifocal balance

Mother Pelican - A Journal of Solidarity and Sustainability

The patriarchal culture of control and domination is the root of all social and ecological violence. It corrupted the original unity of man and woman (cf. Genesis 3:16) and is now disrupting the harmony between humanity and the human habitat. Just as we are now aware that slavery and racism are moral evils, we must become aware that gender discrimination is a moral evil that must be eradicated if solidarity and sustainability are to be attained.
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Paradigm shift 3: Make personal information personal again

The Guardian,  November 2019

"We are currently facing a new systemic collapse, one that has built far more swiftly but poses potent risks for all of humanity: the collapse of the information ecosystem".

The Skimm, November 13, 2019

GOOGLE project nightingale:  "It recently came out that the company was working with the second-largest health care system in the US, Ascension, to store private medical info on tens of millions of patients. Think: lab results, diagnoses, dates of birth ... along with patient names". (Also covered in Wall Street Journal,  Nov.21, 2019)