Towards dual monetary systems


MONNETA, Germany

MONNETA is a network of experts in the domain of complementary currencies. Founded by Margrit Kennedy, a leading expert in designing complementary currencies, MONNETA's mission is to provide information and guidance for the implementation of such currency systems.


It's what you do that counts, not what you say. Games are an ideal tool to "learn to do".  Here we collect games, which support better understanding and "how to do" for the three paradigm shifts Bernard Lietaer points out in his book:

Crystal Island (by  Polymoney)

Crystal Island is a collaborative digital game that enables middle and high school students to develop basic financial skills, discover how the design of money perpetuates disparity, and imagine how local currencies and new digital technology could be used to create inclusive, sustainable communities that foster economic mobility.

The game is designed to be played by 4-6 players in educational and after-school settings. Companion materials allow teachers to engage with students about how money (or lack of it) affects their lives, how money differs from wealth, and how learning about money in a bias- and stigma-free context enables students to understand and access our money system while also inventing new ways to achieve prosperity for all.