We use the term efficiency in multiple ways, for instance to describe:

·     Avoid wasting materials, energy, efforts, money, and time in doing something or in producing a desired result.

·     Internal performance of an organization like a business or a team

·     Doing things right, well, successfully

·     How well we transform input to output,

Examples: Efficiency of education system, of health care system     

 As examples we might describe the efficiency of an education system by its cost, or the efficiency of a health care system by how well it utilizes its assets.


In the same context we also use effectiveness, where we mean

·     External performance,

·     Doing things right

·     The value of output to others, for instance external or internal customers

Efficiency defined for law of sustainability 

For the law of sustainability we define efficiency in a more specific way, as more specifically as a network‘s capacity to perform in sufficiently organized and efficient manner as to maintain its integrity over time.

Example: Efficiency of health care system 

For the case of Corona, efficiency means a country’s health care system’s capacity to maintain its integrity: sufficiently organized doctors, hospitals, tests and social rules.