The company Biolley Farms, SRL provides much-needed opportunity in one of the poorest regions in Costa Rica. The company provides education to its workers and other farmers to learn and implement organic food forest cultivation.
Thus, we provide opportunity in the region and security in the workforce.

About BiolleyFarms

Our mission at BiolleyFarms, SRL revolves around our customers.

  • BiolleyFarms strives to inspire our buyers and our communities to lead an active, healthy lifestyle by offering simple and convenient options that are always fresh, safe and healthy.
  • We provide the best quality products to our customers. So that our buyers are 100% satisfied, we are constantly making sure that we are exceeding our safety expectations and A healthy community depends on families that make healthy choices, and companies that can provide healthy and reliable options.‚Äč
The company is run and operated by Jennifer Long and Bruce Lites who own the farm.

Our Approach

For other farmers in the area we want to be a show case of successful organic food forest management.

  • Finca Lilo (home to the BiolleyFarms, SRL - in in Biolley, Costa Rica), is one of the most environmentally friendly farms in the region.
  • Our produce is grown organically on the farm, using bio-intensive, biodynamic, and permaculture techniques.
  • We are pushing the limits on sustainability initiatives so that we can ensure that our buyers and their communities are receiving our best.
  • We are soil growers and soil grows our produce.
  • For financial viability
    • We maintain a small-scale boutique for our select distributors and
    • We assist our collective farmers to market their offer of an extensive line of fresh fruit, coffee, dry tea leaves and spices.