In preparing this book for publication, we reached out to a number of the world’s foremost thought leaders to gain their comments and feedback about this important book. The responses we received will be valuable to readers in framing their own thoughts about this book, and how they will implement these paradigm shifts in their own personal and professional lives. Please see the Epilogue at the back of the book for extensive and thoughtful testimonials from Marc Dubrulle, Ex officio Member of the Club of Rome, President emeritus, The Club of Rome EU-Chapter; and Father Simon Pierre, Benedictine Monk and lifelong friend of Bernard Lietaer.

"Towards a Sustainable World is a last appeal by a talented, thoughtful man whose life was devoted to understanding our deeply troubled world and what must be done about it. It deserves the attention of concerned people at every level of society.

Dee W. Hock

Founder and CEO Emeritus, Visa Inc. Author of One From Many

In Towards a Sustainable World: 3 Paradigm Shifts to Achieve, Bernard Lietaer shares an optimistic vision of a sustainable future in which efficiency and resilience are balanced in our natural, economic, and information systems. The bold path forward outlined in the book provides the basis for important conversations that need to occur if our global society is to survive in an increasingly complex world. This is an important read for anyone interested in how humanity can navigate our technological future.

Michael Soskil

Co-Author of Teaching in the Fourth Industrial Revolution;  2017-2018 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year;                                            2016 Global Teacher Prize Top-10 Finalist

For a small book, Bernard Lietaer’s Towards a Sustainable World contains an outstandingly rich set of arguments, examples, principles, guidelines, and recommendations for ultimately achieving the transformation needed for the long-term survival of humanity. In a world out of balance, it is quite urgent for us to take action in the direction of the three paradigm shifts proposed by Bernard Lietaer and his colleagues.

Wilhelm Krull 

General SecretaryVolkswagen FoundationIn his book, Towards a Sustainable World, Bernard Lietaer articulates the case for sustainability and the alignment of the pursuit of environmental and social benefits. He demonstrates that sustainability is of value when employed as a sufficient and strategic framework for creation of value, enhancement of organizational methods for sustainability, and real innovation.

As the reader discovers – what has changed is the context within which the world today operates and the shift that is imperative. The author encourages and iterates a positive message that the shift toward the pursuit of ethical, sustainable capitalism is on the rise. It is and will be full of integrity, balance and thoughtfulness. Most importantly, the positive message from the author is that he has faith we will get it right before it is too late.

I highly recommend Lietaer’s thoughtful book as a must-read to understand the shift taking place and as a guide to a creative, sustainable future.

Jennifer Long

President Biolley Farms, Costa Rica

I never had the pleasure of meeting Bernard Lietaer in person; but of course, his name is well known to me. I know that he has been in regular contact with WIR Bank for many years. Be it in personal talks at our headquarters in Basel, by phone or very often via email. The constant dialogue was extremely valuable for both sides. On the one hand, Lietaer found answers to his questions about the practical implementation of a complementary system with its own currency. On the other hand, we learned from him where exactly the problems with the Euro resided and how and where Silvio Gesell’s idea and basic ideas could flow into the problem solution. In addition, we received a critical view of the WIR system and its role in the future from an internationally recognized economist, who had dealt with the topic of complementary systems for decades.

Sustainability – this term already appears in the title of Bernard Lietaer’s new book – is also the basic idea behind our WIR system. For 85 years we have been committed to promoting small and medium-sized enterprises in Switzerland, which form the backbone of the Swiss economy. And we will continue to do so, contributing to the prosperity of our country. We very much hope that Bernard Lietaer’s book will provide valuable impulses for a more sustainable economy.

Bruno Stiegeler President

WIR Bank, Switzerland

In our current challenging worldwide environment where we face a new kind of political leader embracing nationalist objectives empowered by minor and well-organized social activist groups and old corrupted political parties that are mainly concerned with maintaining their political power above dire social needs, worldwide corporate organizations are under huge pressures from shareholders for immediate and short term profit increase on a year to year basis.

The academic environment is mainly focused on innovation, competition and all the technological revolution impact we are facing in every discipline. But the subjects mentioned in Bernard Lietaer ́s book are not considered as they should be in order to build and reinforce a “SUSTAINABLE WORLD.”

The paradigms in Bernard ́s book are a great contribution to take into con- sideration, and they should begin in academia and should be implemented from the very beginning of the education cycle, high school or Junior High.

Sustainability and Efficiency must be included in the Strategic Planning Process of our businesses and government environments, prioritizing these implementations as Corporate/Government objectives for a Superior Value Delivery in our world.

Federico G. Lepe

President, International Logistics Commission Council of Industrial Chambers, Mexico

During his life, Bernard Lietaer was one of the world’s most original thinkers about the financial system. I learned a great deal from him and I respected his work. I was surprised and very saddened to hear about his death, since the world needs his ideas now more than ever.

Dennis Meadows

Author of The Limits to Growth - Member, The Club of Rome

Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE Founder - The Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

"Our planet is in crisis. More and more people are aware of the harm we are inflicting as we destroy and pollute the natural world whilst at the same time our population grows. We have brought the climate crisis upon ourselves. There is increasing awareness of this, but most people do not take action – they feel helpless. Bernard Lietaer’s book provides guidance. Suggests ways we can seek to move forward in greater harmony with nature. We must seek to live more sustainably and remember that each one of us can make a difference – every day.

Stephane Garelli  -  Founder, World Competitiveness Center Professor Emeritus at IMD and at the University of Lausanne

"Two decades ago, Peter Drucker emphasized: “Change in society has a deeper impact on companies than change in management.” Bernard Lietaer’s book is a perfect illustration of this paradigm shift illustrated by the sustainability challenge. Leaders need a more holistic approach to the world and to walk the talk. Managers can better rationalize how companies operate by reaching a higher level of efficiency and resilience. People should be aware of the global impact of their lifestyle on the environment. A world of sustainability is one of a different mindset, where information and attitudes are valued differently, and hopefully better. It is a key message in this remarkable book".