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By chapters in Bernard Lietaer's book:

From Aristotle to Tao

Linear/non-linear causality; Non-linear causality in living systems; Law of sustainability; Yin and Yang: Opposing forces in balance; The law confirms the Yin and Yang principle; Mixed forest culture fulfills the law of balancing effectiveness and resilience; Complementary currencies balance weaknesses of conventional monetary system.

Towards a better matrifocal/patrifocal balance

Balancing matrifocal and patrifocal values ensures sustainable future of our societies.

Towards more personal ownership of information

Bernard Lietaer's circle of information for writing this book; Everyone has their own circle of information; From today's centralized to a decentralized paradigm of human information; Vision and mission of a centralized information system;  information technology and governments must join forces.

Thank you, Bernard

Portrait of Bernard Lietaer